PAG-ASA uses all reasonable means to publish complete, exact and current information on its website. However PAG-ASA does not guarantee the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of this information, nor does it guarantee that the website will be permanently complete and up to date. PAG-ASA cannot be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete data. You can report any incorrect information to us via info@pag-asa.be.
The PAG-ASA website contains links to other websites. PAG-ASA will not be held responsible for the content of these websites.


PAG-ASA is committed to respecting your privacy when handling your personal data, complying with the legislation concerning the protection of privacy in Belgium: the handling of personal information on this site is subject to the Belgian law from December 8, 1992, and to the General Regulation on Data Protection (or “GDPR”) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, entered into forced May 24, 2018.
This privacy policy applies to all pages hosted on www.pag-asa.be. However, it does not apply to pages hosted by other organizations that we may reference because their privacy policies could differ. Importantly, this policy also differs from the privacy policy that applies to our secure platform for online donations : https://pag-asa.iraiser.eu/.
The rules and obligations of the GDPR relate to the processing of personal data, i.e. any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. The processing relates to any operation applied to the data, such as collection, access, storage, manipulation, destruction and consultation.
By communicating your personal data on the site http://www.pag-asa.be and / or by sending them via the means indicated on the site (email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp), you declare that you have read this privacy policy and accept it in full.


The responsible for the processing of your personal data is :
PAG-ASA asbl/vzw
Rue des Alexiens 16b
1000 Brussels
Tel : 02 511 64 64
E-mail : info@pag-asa.be
Registered in the Belgian register of Companies under reference BE 0454.807.066


Through the website www.pag-asa.be you can communicate personal data to us via various means:

  • By subscribing to our newsletter. Your email address will be saved in a database that we use to send you the newsletter. You can cancel your registration at any time via the link in the newsletter or by contacting us.
  • By asking us for information about training (via the contact form, email or telephone). We will process your data in order to best follow your request. Exceptionally your data (email address) may be used to invite you to professional events, organized by PAG-ASA, which could be of interest it you. If you do not wish to receive these invitations, you can communicate it by contacting us.
  • By asking us for help or information as a victim or about a potential victim you have met. We pay special attention to any data concerning (potential) victims, because our core mission is their protection. The data that you communicate to us will be treated with the greatest discretion. The data will be kept in the system for registering referral of (potential) victims of human trafficking. This system is managed by the 3 specialized centers for victims of human trafficking. Only the employees of these 3 specialized centers have access to them and all employees are subject to professional secrecy. In case you or the potential victim would rather contact us and/or ask for help anonymously, this is also possible. Some of these data, only after having been made anonymous, may be used for statistical purposes (for our annual report, for example).
  • By asking us to contact you. We will use the contact data that you will communicate in order to contact you.


If you communicate your personal data via one of the means indicated on our website (email, telephone, SMS or WhatsApp), we will process your data exclusively to respond to your request and in the context of our work.


Depending on the situation, your request and the means of collection, PAG-ASA collects and stores the following personal data:
First and last name

  • Gender
  • Language
  • Date of Birth
  • Home and place of residence
  • Nationality
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Name of organization or company
  • Function
  • Registration or participation in events or training organized by PAG-ASA

The PAG-ASA website collects data automatically via tools, such as cookies, in order to analyze and improve your experience. To find out more, discover our cookies policy.


Once the data has been received, PAG-ASA undertakes to do its best to ensure the security of its systems. PAG-ASA has implemented appropriate security measures to protect the information received via the site www.pag-asa.be against loss, misuse or alteration.


In accordance with article 13 §2 of the GDPR, PAG-ASA only stores personal data for the period of time needed to accomplish the purposes for which the data are processed.

  • For all contact requests or requests to participate in one of the actions and training courses organized by PAG-ASA, the period of storage of personal data is not limited in time in order to be able to respond to all subsequent requests, except if you request removal.
  • For the management of the data of our clients / beneficiaries, the period of storage of personal data is not limited in time in order to be able to respond to any subsequent requests, unless the client / beneficiary requests the deletion.
  • For data relating to supporters: the retention period of personal data is not limited in time in order to be able to respond to any subsequent requests, unless the supporter requests the deletion.
  • PAG-ASA also stores and processes personal data within the framework of contractual relations existing between you and PAG-ASA for the duration and the needs of the contract.
  • PAG-ASA may also in certain cases store and process your personal data according to legal requirements according to the duration registered in the law (for example with regard to tax certificates).
6. disclosure to third parties

Your personal data will not be communicated to third parties without your express authorization. Data concerning the reporting of a (potential) victim of human trafficking are stored in the system for recording referrals of (potential) victims of human trafficking, which is secure and accessible only to the employees of the three specialized centers for victims of human trafficking. They are all subject to professional secrecy.

7. Acces and modification OF data

You have at any time and free of charge, within the framework of the GDPR, the right to consult your data on request, and have them modified, supplemented or deleted if necessary. To do this, you can contact us:
by email :info@pag-asa.be
or by post: PAG-ASA asbl/vzw, Rue des Alexiens 16b, 1000 Brussels.

In order to comply with this request, we will need proof of identity. Please attach to your request a copy of a valid identity document. This copy will be destroyed once your identity has been verified.

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