Get involved

01 Open your eyes

Everyone can be part of the fight against human trafficking.

Victims of human trafficking are all around us, but they are difficult to identify because anyone can become a victim. They live as shadows and populate our streets, construction sites, back-shops and shopwindows. At PAG-ASA, we’ve decided to open up our eyes. If we can see them, we can help them. And you can help too!

How? You can:

Open your eyes

02 Donate

Even the smallest amount can make a difference!


To respond to all of our clients’ needs we regularly develop new initiatives: PAG-ASA café to help them build a social network, house coaching to help them search housing, and a lot of other activities that are not covered by the subsidies that we receive. Your donations are therefore essential to offer a global and tailored care to the victims.

In order to support us you can make a transfer to our account BE 20 0011 7035 9156 under the name of PAG-ASA asbl or donate right now with your credit card:

Donate with your credit card or Bancontact

03 Working for PAG-ASA

Do you want to make a concrete commitment to the fight against human trafficking? Do you dream of working in a dynamic and collaborative team whose core mission is to help survivors of trafficking? We are regularly looking for new highly motivated colleagues.

We welcome you to send an unsolicited application (CV and motivation letter) to

Working for PAG-ASA

04 Internship


Each year, PAG-ASA hosts a number of trainees/interns who participate in our daily work assisting victims.

We only accept applications for medium and long-term traineeships/internships from students currently enrolled in higher education. As Pag-Asa is a bilingual organisation, it is essential to have an active knowledge of Dutch and French.

You can send us your application (CV and motivation letter) to

05 Becoming a volunteer

Pag-Asa relies on the support of some 20 volunteers each year. In our housing facilities, volunteers help us by providing standby services at night. Other volunteers organise activities for people accompanied by PAG-ASA (language courses, yoga, PAG-ASA coffee, etc.). Regardless of whether your training or profession is relevant, any expertise is welcome.

We are always looking for volunteers; if you cannot see a job matching your background or skills, but you want to help us, you can always send us your application (CV and motivation letter) to

Becoming a volunteer

Being a volunteer at PAG-ASA is not charity, it is an exchange. We give our time but in the end, it is the victims who give us so much... Despite their difficult situation, they are facing life with courage and with a smile. A wonderful lesson in life!

T. - volunteer in PAG-ASA

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