You'd like to know more about human trafficking?

You'd like to know more about human trafficking?

Who are we?

PAG-ASA provides support to victims of human trafficking, offering a springboard towards autonomy and reintegration. We advocate for the rights of all victims, and we fight every day for a Belgium where human trafficking no longer exists.

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  • 200 Victims supported each year
    Victims supported each year
  • 1,000 Professionals trained each year
    Professionals trained each year
  • 40 Members of staff and volunteers
    Members of staff and volunteers
  • 24/7 Available 24/7
    Available 24/7


The harm caused by exploitation requires specific and tailored support. Victims need holistic and long-term assistance in order to rebuild their lives. Discover how we help victims to rewrite their future.

  • 1,500

    Victims supported over 25 years

  • 5,200

    Cumulative overight stays a year in our shelter house

  • 1,200

    Hours of interviews with interpreters per year

  • 3 to 5 years

    Duration of a typical support

Recognising the warning signs

Early identification is crucial, not only in order to help, support and protect victims without delay, but also in order to apprehend and convict the perpetrators.

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Register for training

We offer bespoke training for all professionals who could come into contact with groups at risk or (potential) victims.

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