Think you are a victim?

01 Are you a victim of trafficking?

Are you forced to do things you do not want to do? Is someone you know overseeing or controlling you? Is this person using violence or threatening you? Do you not feel free to leave?

Nobody can coerce you into doing things you do not want to or can hold you against your will.

Some indications that you might be exploited:

  • You work for almost no money
  • You work long hours and almost never have free time
  • Your work is dangerous and you do not have any safeguarding
  • Your identity documents are withheld from you
  • You are threatened or blackmailed
  • You have to pay money back to your employer
  • You are always scared
  • You sleep in your workplace

If you identify yourself in this situation, reach out to us. We will listen. You can speak anonymously and without any obligations. 

If you are not comfortable or unable to contact us directly, talk to a friend or to a person whom you trust; perhaps a doctor or a teacher. Ask them to contact us or the police.

Do you want us to call you? Click here.

02 You may feel concerned

Can you contact us anonymously?

Can you contact us anonymously?

Yes, you can always contact us anonymously. We will take note of what you are saying, but without storing your name or any information that would enable anyone to track or identify you. We are also subject to professional secrecy, thus we will not share any information without your agreement.

Is your call kept a secret?

Is your call kept a secret?

Yes, you can delete our number on your call list or use another person’s phone. You can also send us a message and ask us to return your call from a withheld number.

Do you not have residency documents?

Do you not have residency documents?

No problem. If you are staying in Belgium without a valid residency document, you can talk to us freely. We will not take any steps without your agreement.

Are you afraid of the police?

Are you afraid of the police?

No problem. The police are there to help and protect you, but we will not contact them without your agreement. So you can talk to us without worrying.

Can you visit our website anonymously?

Can you visit our website anonymously?

Yes, you can delete this page from your browser history. For each browser you could proceed differently, but generally speaking, go to the top of the page and in the menu you can find your history and delete specific visits.

Need to close this page quickly?

Need to close this page quickly?

The ‘CLOSE’ symbol at the top right-hand corner allows you to leave this page quickly. However, the address of this page is not deleted from your browser’s history.


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