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Making people realise and informing them also is one of PAG-ASA’s missions, as well on a national as an international level.
Moreover the domestic services (police, welfare …) should be aware of what PAG-ASA has to offer as well as of the legal developments in order to help victims in an optimal way. Therefore PAG-ASA  organises training sessions about human trafficking and the ways of dealing with it.

Being a worldwide phenomenon (inter)national cooperation and exchange of information are a must.  In 2006 PAG-ASA participated in the annual meeting in Warshaw of the OVSE.  In 2005 it contributed to the European DAPHNE project, results of which were published in “Stolen Smiles: a report on the physical and psychological health outcomes of women and adolescents trafficked in Europe”.

Press and other media are ideal for providing information, which helps us reaching a broad public and draw the attention this problem deserves.

Photography by Elke Roelant